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Central Asia and South Caucasus Affairs: 2006
Central Asia and South Caucasus Affairs: 2006
Regional Security Issues: 2006
Regional Security Issues: 2006
Between the Black and Caspian Seas: New Challenges and Opportunities for the South Caucasus
Between the Black and Caspian Seas: New Challenges and Opportunities for the South Caucasus
Regional Security Issues
Regional Security Issues
The South Caucasus as a Part of the Wider Europe
The South Caucasus as a Part of the Wider Europe
About Us   Last Updated ( Thursday, 12 April 2007 )
...the ultimate goal of this project is to facilitate the target groups in re-thinking a practical alternative––which is commensurate to the initial conditions and the observed reality in Central Asian and South Caucasus vis-à-vis external powers––that could bring about peace and stability, better economic restructuring in enhancing growth in a sustained basis in the post-transition era...

Lim Sim Yee

The key objective of the website centralasia-southcaucasus.com is to promote interest in the affairs of the 8 countries of the 2 regions of Central Asia and the South Caucasus. It will be a hub of information and knowledge about the political, economic and social and cultural developments in the region.  It provides a platform for scholars, policy makers, economists, businessmen, students and others to share their experiences, opinions and knowledge and to interact at several levels. 

The website, which incorporates the ISSYK-KUL Forum, is a joint project of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) of Japan, the Asian Dialogue Society (ADS) and the International Centre, Goa, India (ICG).

Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF)
The Sasakawa Peace Foundation was established on September 1, 1986.
Its mission is to contribute to the welfare of humankind and the sound development of the international community, and thus to world peace, by conducting activities fostering international understanding, exchange, and cooperation, as well as efforts to promote these activities. Its activities include: to undertake surveys and research, develop human resources, invite and dispatch personnel, organize international conferences and other forums, and conduct other activities fostering international understanding, exchange, and cooperation, as well as to collect, disseminate, and propagate information in order to carry out these and other activities necessary to accomplish the Foundation's mission.

The ISSYK-KUL Forum aims to encourage policy-oriented research and capacity building in Central Asia and South Caucasus. This series of meetings began with the Central Asian republics in 1994, but expanded its coverage in 2000 to include the Southern Caucasus. This project comprises of four major activities: (i) policy research, (ii) study tour mission to East Asian countries, (iii) international workshops/conferences  to encourage exchange of experiences, and (iv) publication.

Asian Dialogue Society (ADS)
The ADS is an informal “fellowship of citizens and friends of Asia” brought together to address issues that will affect the course of political, economic and social developments in Asia and the world. The ADS is founded on four pillars: culture, learning, economics and politics. The ADS’ core mission is to promote better mutual understanding through DIALOGUE, which involves intellectual, cultural and people-to-people exchanges. The presupposition is that to attain a mutually beneficial regional cooperation and symbiotic relationship, cultural exchanges and intellectual dialogue are a sine qua non. The ADS believes that cultural diversity must be underpinned by the principle of co-existence, tolerance and harmony. Since its inception in 2002, and through its predecessor organization, IRC, the ADS has organized numerous projects and programmes to bring people together from various sectors including civil society, think tanks, civil servants, educational institutions, cultural organizations, youth, mass media in forums of debate and dialogue with the objective of Building A Better Asia.  The citizens and friends of the ADS come from diverse intellectual backgrounds, but they share a common belief in human security and in the right of individuals and societies to live a life free of want and fear and in the indispensability of dialogue and debate not only in the resolution of conflicts but also in the maintenance of peace. 

The International Centre, Goa (ICG)
The International Centre Goa (ICG) was founded in June 1987 under the Societies Act (1860) “to promote understanding and amity between parts of the country and with different communities of the world” through a multiplicity of activities. The Centre is an autonomous institution. It relies on grants and donations from local and international institutions to fund its programmes. Residential and non-residential conferences, seminars and training programmes are organized by local, national and international organizations. The Centre also has 44 guest rooms, 3 seminar rooms, a restaurant, and several lawns of different sizes that are used for private functions, which could range from small get-togethers to elaborate parties. The ICG’s facilities are located on 8 acres of land on the Taleigao Plateau at Dona Paula, Goa. The plateau overlooks the confluence of the famous Zuari and Mandovi Rivers.