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Central Asia and South Caucasus Affairs: 2006
Central Asia and South Caucasus Affairs: 2006
Regional Security Issues: 2006
Regional Security Issues: 2006
Between the Black and Caspian Seas: New Challenges and Opportunities for the South Caucasus
Between the Black and Caspian Seas: New Challenges and Opportunities for the South Caucasus
Regional Security Issues
Regional Security Issues
The South Caucasus as a Part of the Wider Europe
The South Caucasus as a Part of the Wider Europe
The Silk Road in Asia   Last Updated ( Saturday, 07 July 2007 )

                                         An Online Exhibition

Great Silk Route

http://www.centralasia-southcaucasus.com/ is pleased to introduce to our readers and visitors this modest on-line “exhibition” on The Silk Route in conjunction with the holding of the International Conference on “Reviving The Silk Route: New Initiatives and Engagements for the 21st Century” on 9-10 February 2007 at The International Centre Goa, India. This conference is organized by the Indian Council of World Affairs (New Delhi) and the International Centre, Goa.

Details of the conference can be found by clicking on REVIVING THE SILK ROUTE: NEW INITIATIVES AND ENGAGEMENTS FOR THE 21st CENTURY 
A major objective of this exhibition is to bring the fascinating history and civilization of so many countries of Asia to the attention of the lay person. We have attempted to provide the links for the most outstanding websites which contain information on a variety of subjects in regard to the Great Silk Route. For your convenience we decided to divide them into five topics in order to make the navigation easier.

1. Historical Silk Route
The Great Silk Route is known as one of the most historically important trade routes. Along its 7000 miles there are unlimited treasures of human history, including fearless warriors, diplomatic traders, oriental arts, luxurious festivities and village gatherings, mystery of forts and palaces, lengthy caravans and everlasting desert…

2. Silk Route and Religion.
In this section you can find a variety of brilliant articles and books not only on the religious beliefs of the communities living along the silk route, but also on traditional religions of Central Asia and phenomena like Shamanism and other pre-Islamic religions. You can also explore spreading and modifications of Buddhism along the Silk Route.

3. Cuisine of the Silk Route
Travelers along the Silk Route would have inevitably encountered great varieties of peoples, life styles and religious beliefs including a multiplicity of cuisines which would continue titillating exhausted taste buds. You would be surprised by the rich culinary culture of these historical lands.

4. Music: Tradition and Heritage along the Silk Route
The musical heritage of the vast area of the Great Silk Route amazes one by its ability to transfer one back to the times of flourishing trade and adventurers. The elements of magic, Sufism, variety of local instruments and enchanting voices of the distant past won’t leave anyone untouched.

5. In the footsteps of Hsuan Tsang
The unforgettable journey of the world-famous Chine Buddhist Monk Hsuan Tsang (Xuanzang) along the Silk Road, and the legends that grew up around it, inspired the Ming novel Journey to the West, one of the great classics of Chinese literature. He continues to instigate many adventurous travelers to follow his footsteps and to experience the magic of the legendary Silk Route themselves.

This list is limited. We would like to invite our readers to add to this collection by sending to us information related to the history and cultures of the communities living along the famous Silk Road, including contemporary affairs. Please send to:
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